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Kensington Travel has been offering religious travel planning services and occasionally a gateway since 1977. Our experienced agents are great at finding the lowest fares and rates, helping you secure the best travel deals according to your specific preferences and needs. And with our well-established industry connections, we’re able to offer unique travel promotions for families and groups that you can’t find anywhere else. In addition, we also offer tailor-made services programmes to suit your particular itinerary. For a group of a minimum of 15 pilgrims.

Dreaming of a religious pilgrimage? Let us make the arrangements for you. We offer competitive quotes for private groups and parishes. Contact us today for a free consultation and make sure to book your tickets in advance since bookings fill up quickly. We are here to make your traveling experience as fun and relaxing as it should be.

Warmest greetings from Kensington Travel.

My name is Stephen Nesbitt and I have worked in the travel agency for over 43 years.

I have met many people over the years, including the King himself - Elvis Presley, but every person I have met and provided tours for are just as special to me.

Over the years, I have served and provided many pilgrims with the religious experience of a lifetime, and that passion has not waned till today.

Allow me to thank all our loyal pilgrims for their support over the last 43 strong years. Happy travels from Kensington Travel and may you always have a safe and fulfilled journey ahead.

For those who are curious about how I met Elvis, I share with you my story:

A tale on a golden past. The place, Southern Germany. The year, 1959.

As I sped through the Bavarian countryside, the little villages flashed by like so many nativity scenes. Lights twinkled at the windows and dark pines were bowed down with snow. My good friend, serving in the American armed forces at the time, was driving me to the airfield to catch my transport home. However, the conditions were icy and he had insisted that we stop halfway on our journey. He knew of a group of G.I.'s on leave who were willing to take us in for the night, he said.

We arrived late in the evening and it was cold. We knocked on the front door - no answer. We waded through the snow to the back of the imposing gingerbread-style house. This time our knock was answered and in minutes we found ourselves in a roasting living room with the company of five G.I.'s surrounding us. Drinks in hand, we made our introductions. Then, very quietly, a sixth G.I. slipped into the room and he looked remarkably like Elvis to me. Imagine my surprise, dear readers, when I found out that it really was Elvis Presley!

My good friend had arranged a white Christmas for me... with the King! The photo above, which I share with you now, is one of my most treasured gifts I have ever been given at Christmas time.

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